Player Rankings - EUL Stage 3 2021

After a fierce fight over who will attend the Sweden Major and who will face relegations, EUL Stage 3 has concluded. Below you can find our full Player Rankings for Stage 3, including 50 (+2) players that participated in this stage.

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The players have been ranked based on their total rating of this stage, from highest to lowest. The players received individual ratings based on their objective performance after each of their matches, which have been combined to the total rating (calculated as the average of the individual ratings after each game). To make the Player Rankings as comparable as possible, players need a minimum of 45 rounds played to appear in these rankings. You can find the excluded players below the rankings.

Places 1 - 10:

Places 11 - 20:

Places 21 - 30:

Places 31 - 40:

Places 41 - 50:

Excluded players:

The following two players have been excluded from the Player Rankings, as they have not played enough rounds to be comparable to the other players:
Dirza: Kills: 18, Deaths: 22, OKD: 3-3, Plants: 0, 1 vs. 1: 0, 1 vs. X: 0, Gadget Kills: 0, Rounds: 25, Rating: 44
KaMa: Kills: 3, Deaths: 8, OKD: 0-1, Plants: 0, 1 vs. 1: 0, 1 vs. X: 0, Gadget Kills: 0, Rounds: 10, Rating: 22

You can also find the Player Rankings in full resolution here.


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