Demon Veil released!

"The Year of Siege", as Ubisoft labeled Year 7 of Rainbow Six Siege, has started with the release of the first season of the year: Demon Veil. The new season features the new operator "Azami", Team Deathmatch as a a new permanent game mode, the Attacker Repick system, Universal weapon sights and many other changes.

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Operation Demon Veil is here! Image Source: Ubisoft

New Operator: Azami

The new defender Kana “Azami” Fujiwara joins Team Rainbow "with an extensive background ranging from motorized Tokyo police officer to being a bodyguard in the private sector". Her primary gadget, the Kiba Barrier, is a modified kunai, which will stick to all surfaces and will create an icy barrier, preventing enemies from passing through slim hallways or cutting off important sightlines. This creative gadget gives players a lot of new opportunities and invites them to experiment with different positions, tactics, etc. Azami can create a maximum of five Kiba Barriers, which can be destroyed by explosives or with three melee hits. Her loadout consists of the 9X19SVN, the full-automatic SMG wielded by Tachanka and Kapkan, as well as the ACS12 slug-shotgun used by Maestro and Alibi, combined with the powerful D-50 as a secondary weapon. As secondary gadgets Azami can bring impact grenades or barbed wire.

New Game mode: Death Match

First tested during the Sugar Fright event at the end of 2020, a Death Match game mode returns to the game, but this time it will stay in the game. Team Death Match is a new permanent game mode, allowing players to warm up and practice their aim before diving into more competitive game modes. The players will respawn after death and can switch their operator, regardless of their team, after every death. Different players can also play the same operator, however primary gadgets are disabled, as well as reinforcements, drones, barricades and rappel.

Battle Pass

With the new season there also comes a new Battle Pass, featuring not only the new operator, but also more than 100 cosmetic items. Players who have bought any of the Year Passes will receive the Battle Pass for free.

A look at the new Battle Pass.

General Changes

Attacker Repick: Attackers can now change their operator during preparation phase. Sixth Pick has been removed.
Universal Weapon Sights: Players can now equip any of the 1X scopes to their weapons.
Player Protection: To play Ranked, players now need to verify their account by linking a phone number to their account.
Match Replay on console: The Match Replay feature is now also available on console.

Balancing Changes

Goyo Rework: Goyo's canisters are no longer attached to a deployable shield. He can now place up to four canisters, which can be detonated by shooting them. The duration of the fire has been drastically increased.
Camera lose signal outside: Operator cameras (such as Valkyrie's Black Eye Cameras) will now lose signal after 10 seconds when placed outside.


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