"Containment" Event released!

A few weeks after the re-release of the Outbreak packs, Ubisoft introduced a new time-limited event to the game: Containment.

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The new "Containment" event is here! Image Source: Ubisoft

There has been a lot of disappointment when Ubisoft decided to re-release the Outbreak packs without the original event itself, but it seems like this was just the beginning for a bunch of content inspired by Rainbow Six Extraction: A new time-limited event called "Containment", including the game mode "Nest Destruction", has been introduced to the game! The game mode will be played 5 vs 5 on an infected version of Consulate, in which the attackers will be playing as REACT agents and are tasked with destroying Chimera nests. Meanwhile, the defenders, a team of Proteans, "monstrous versions of other well-known Operators" (as Ubisoft puts it), will try to defend these nests. Unlike in usual Siege encounters, the defending Proteans can not use weapons and will be reliant on using melee attacks. To balance this out, they will be faster, stronger and can rush through walls and climb hatches - just like Oryx.
The new event also includes the Containment collection, comprising 33 items, such as the Sentient Growth signature weapon and attachment skin. Beside this packs, there will also be 10 Operator Bundles including personalized uniforms, headgears, and weapon skins for the price of 1680 R6 Credits each.
The Containment event will be available from August 3rd to 24th.


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